2 career hacks that help you guarantee a new job

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How do you go from broke & unemployed to #Careergreatness?
Last week we spoke about The no. 1 tip for your study and career success
to reach your #Studygreatness & #Careergreatness

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So you’re broke or at least not rolling in $$$ and it’s making you feel frustrated stuck, angry anddepressed.

The family are on your back to get your life together. It feels like all your friends are living this awesome life and are in their dream career yet you are just coasting, barely getting out of bed most days. Taking a shower and surfing the internet is the height of your day.You’ve No job = No money, so either Bank of mom & dad is financing you or its scraping by on basic. Forget nights out with friends. It’s more sitting in your bedroom hanging with your friends on social media.

You intend to apply for jobs but somehow there’s always a reason not to. Then when you do apply its rejection after rejection. No one wants to hire you and the jobs that you are offered, are crap because of the long work hours which does not match the pay. So what’s the point right ???

Maybe you have “Settled” because a job is better than no job!!!  But if you are honest with yourself, you only took it to get your family & friends off your back or for the paycheck. Problem is it’s slowly destroying your soul. It was meant to be a stop gap till you found “ the one “ but months later your still there and now you don’t have the “time “ to pursue what you really want because all your energy goes into the job you hate.

You are in a “Cycle of Doom”

How do you break this cycle? 

First, let’s watch this video and remind ourselves what awesome looks like.


Do you feel pumped and inspired watching the people in the video pursue their dreams?

If YES keep reading as I will share with you 2 tools that awesome people used to achieve#studygreatness #careergreatness.

All you have to do is keep reading so that I can reveal these simple tools which you can start applying today to help you go from broke loser to employed and fabulous allowing you to break the “Cycle of Doom

Just because you are unemployed or stuck in a job you hate & feeling helpless doesn’t mean it has to be forever.

Make a choice to change! 

What is the cycle of doom?
In psychology, there is this phenomenon called “State-Dependent Learning” which states that memory retrieval is most efficient when you create the same state of consciousness as you were when the memory was formed.
Eg; you were listening to a Taylor Swift song when you fell in love – Whenever you hear that song it will remind you of that. 

How it impacts you? 
This means when you are in a happy mood you are more likely to recall happy memories. Thereby, when you feel frustrated, stuck, angry, helpless and depressed it becomes more difficult to become resourceful.

Resourcefulness is needed to help you create solutions to your dilemmas.

Over time when you focus solely on the problems, you maintain the status quo of your low mood. Inside your body, the production of the stress hormone cortisol increases aka “The Cycle of Doom”.

The good thing is we have already started to break this cycle when you watched the awesome video.

Now let me show you what to do next.

2Solutions On How To Break The “Cycle of Doom”


1. Mind Yoga 

Also known as Super Brain Yoga – The benefits you achieve by practising this technique will make you smarter,  lower anxiety, promote mental clarity and focus, as well as unlock your #studygreatness #careergreatness. Practice daily and you will start to see an improvement.

Here’s a video that shows you how to do it.


2. Practice Marbling technique with a Career Lifestyle Specialist.

When you connect with a career lifestyle specialist during the sessions the specialist will work with you to do a deep dive to learn more about your dilemmas. During the marbling part of the discussion, you will explore both happy and sad times in your life. That way by going back and forth together you explore the times you felt low as well as times you felt positive. It results in you feeling better motivated and empowered.

By helping you get back to a place where you feel resourceful rather than helpless. By taking part in a guidance session you invest in your future success.

Do YOU want to have a successful future?

What are you going to do next?

Let me and my team be part of your break  “The Cycle of Doom” and assist you in achieving your career greatness join our Movement #studygreatness #careergreatness TODAY.

Next time I’m going to show you how to master this 1 technique which will help you join the top 10% of world-class Athletes, CEOProfessionalsEntrepreneurs and Billionaires.

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Thank you for reading. Give this a go and let us help you get closer to your dream lifestyle goals.

Until next time,
You got this!


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