3 ways your mind is harming your career

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The quote from Albert Einstein says…“Without action – nothing moves”

Nobody who ever had a great idea and did nothing with it, ever became successful, either financially or personally – you have to be a person of action. This does not mean that you need to build Rome in one day, but every small step, every small action you take towards your dreams and your vision will improve your chances of succeeding.

Something to also keep in mind is that “success” means different things to different people – don’t get caught in the trap of owning somebody else’s version of success – that will never bring you happiness.


Debunking the myths about success

There are a lot of myths out in the world about success and how to achieve it. Most individuals look at successful people and that is all that they see. They see the now, the money, the cars, the homes and the lifestyle. What they never see or either just forget about, are the struggles, the obstacles and the challenges as well as the sacrifices these people had to make to reach that level of success. That includes people like Mark Zuckerberg and J .K Rowling.

Let’s be very clear – there is no such thing as an overnight or instant success – there has always been a journey for each person to reach that level.

Here are 3 myths about success:

  1. You need to have all the answers

As you can imagine – nobody can have all the answers to everything. Successful people are simply people that have learned to find out what they don’t know and then have taken action on/with what they have learnt

You cannot wait until you think you have all the answers before taking action.     

 2. Sacrifice is not needed to be successful

Yes, you can have lots of money, the lifestyle, the vacations, spending time with your family all day etc. Just not all at once. You need to choose what needs to be sacrificed now so that you can have more later and then make those sacrifices. Short term sacrifices for long term benefits.     

3. When you become successful your problems will disappear

Successful people do not have less problems, if anything they get more, but what they do have are better strategies and resources to deal with those problems that come their way. Problems are necessary on the road to success and a large part of the learning to becoming better. As you become more successful, you will still have problems, but you will be more capable to handle them as well.

Take action – work smarter not harder

I believe we have all heard the term – “work smarter – not harder” and it’s very true. We all have the same amount of hours to work with each day, why then do some people get much more done than others?

It’s because they have found ways to work smarter, to make each minute count and be as effective as possible. Make it a priority in your life to find ways to work smarter. There are many resources online (or books in the library) that you can access that will teach you how to do that and give you tools and tips to help you along your journey.

The biggest concept to this however – is to just take action.


OCD – Obsessive Comparison Disorder – Do you suffer from it?

OCD – Obsessive Comparison Disorder – Do you suffer from it?Social media today has created a new unofficial disorder which we call “Obsessive Comparison Disorder.” People go onto social media and see what everybody else is posting about – their lives, their careers, and their successes and compare their lives to what they see. Always remember – this is just a massive free PR exercise for everybody and unless you know them personally – you never know if it’s really true. It’s a classic ” smoke and mirrors” routine.

Sadly, people set this up as their benchmarks – it’s the levels that they must reach themselves and they catch themselves continuously comparing their lives to those strangers – this is NOT what you should be doing.My message to you is – DON’T – you are unique in every way and on your own journey to reaching your own dreams and goals; what others are doing doesn’t count and should not become your benchmark of what success means. Set your own benchmarks, hold your dreams and your vision in your mind everyday and watch what happens.
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