“6 NEW hacks that guarantees career success”​ How to let go of career disappointments!

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How do you get rid of career and study disappointment?
Last week we spoke about how do you deal with rejection to secure a NEW position, promotion or payrise to reach your #Studygreatness & #Careergreatness
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In the popular American tv series “The big bang theory” series S7, episode 12One of the main character’s Penny experiences a Career disappointment when her big TV acting break hits the cutting room floor.

Similar to Penny, have you ever found yourself feeling like a total loser and when you look at your life it feels like nothing is going your way. Maybe you had a study or career goal, such as get high marks in a test, get into your first choice school or university or secure a job at a top company, yet none of those things happened. Instead, life just feels like one big disappointment.

Now, you find yourself having issues letting go of those disappointments and struggle with moving on from your past.

When you feel like life is knocking you down and you are having a tough time letting go of that disappointment, it manifests in people in different ways.

Emotionally-guarded people; 

Turn into someone who is filled with a pile of anger, sadness and full of confusion. You feel you have little or no control over your emotions.

Task-oriented people;

Lose their focus and motivation and the drive to keep moving forward. You feel like “What’s the point”?

Empathic people;

Start learning how to hold a grudge and replay the failures over and over again like those moments are on repeat. Our rational brains tell us to move forward. Friends and family are getting really bored of hearing the same story, again and again, they tell you “Just let go and move on“. But that really doesn’t help now, does it?

For 1 reason or another, we just can’t let go of that disappointment. 

Perhaps you are someone who pretends to have your life in order during the day and on social media. You have created a fabulous persona only to be tossed into the pit of despair and misery the moment you are alone.

Maybe you have moved on from the disappointment, but you haven’t actually let go and still feel the weight of your past weighing you down.

So, how does a person let go and move on from study and career disappointments?

The process is unique for each person and each disappointment. There is, however, a study or career letting go PROCESS you can follow, that will guide you forward by using your pain and changing it into the freedom of being truly over your disappointment.

This activity is one that you should do on your own. So allow 20 mins of quiet time where you know you won’t be disturbed. Remember to be honest. Lying to yourself means you cheat yourself out of real growth and letting go!Are you ready to let go of your study and career disappointments? Yes! … Let’s go.
Grab a pen and paper or device

Study or Career Letting Go Process; Answer the following



Example-Study-or-Career-Letting-Go Process

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Each question opens up a conversation that, with the right support, allows you to; 

(A) Identify and move beyond the behaviours, thoughts, and emotions that are keeping you stuck.
(B) Helps you become compassionate and patient with your letting go process.
(C) Allows you to learn everything you can learn from the disappointment.
(D) Finally, accept what happened.

Once there is acceptance of a disappointment. You then have to move into “Action mode”  and start focusing your energy on the next phase of our study or career journey.

Letting go and really moving on takes more than time.

Aerial view of business data analysis graph

It takes “Acceptance + Action” 

For those who are willing to put in the work, there is a big payoff.You get the chance to remove the old pain and old patterns that are stopping you from moving forward instead you can CHOOSE to start living with a fresh perspective.You get the opportunity to put your study and career disappointments and all the broken pieces of your life back together again, in a way that feels even stronger and truer to your values and goals!FACT – Every human being at some point in their lives experiences disappointments! The difference is successful people choose to learn and grow from their disappointments.
Check out Vincent story and see how he overcame his disappointments and won gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics.When you choose growth, you obtain a sense of confidence in your ability to not only survive a study or career disappointment but to triumph as a healthy person with the skills to create #Studygreatness or #Careergreatness

What choice are you going to make today?

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