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Are you stuck, lost & confused?

Last week we spoke about the 3 Best questions guaranteed to solve “Which career is right for me?” to reach your #Studygreatness & #Careergreatness

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We are in May already and summer holidays are almost about to start.

You are wondering how the hell did 5 month pass so quickly, with the voice in your head saying, “I was just about to get my shit together in January 2019!! This was going to be my time to shine and reviewing your progress perhaps it feels a bit of a letdown” Maybe you have ticked off of few things of your #lifegoals list but there’s more work to be done

* Do you feel all your efforts with your studies going down the drain?
* Is the pressure of having to make choices about your future studies or career weighing you down?
* Has the high of finishing your studies worn off because you feel scared about your future?
* Are you feeling confused about how to find a job ?
* Are you feeling confused about what or how to find  your dream career?
* Do you feel overwhelmed and you feel like hiding under the duvet?

If you nodded YES to any of those we totally get it. Let me show you 3 easy to follow hacks that have given so many of our clients the freedom from worry and stress and have created such awesome results that they are now living their best  lifestyle.Do you want guaranteed results in your career? Follow this proven 3 hacks to guarantee your career success!

Now is a good time to kick-start your new goals or to revisit some old ones.

Why haven’t you achieved the success you desire?Honestly let’s be real for a second

Because when you never fully buy in to a goal  nor do we invest the time, effort or energy they need. Then when we fail to achieve them we beat ourselves up and start feeling crap about ourselves in the process.

We con ourselves by scrolling social media of people who “appear”  to be doing much more better than us, this leaves whatever little self-esteem and confidence we had to disappear down the toilet!So I want to introduce you to explore a different way as we approach the middle of 2019

That is by making 1 simple yet powerful goal and that is to FULLY commit to Yourself.As tempting as it may be to spend this week curled up in bed and catching up to your never-ending Netflix series. You might consider slowing down on that, instead grab a pen & paper or your device and let’s get startedYou ready, Great!, Let’s Go…..Below are 3 simple hacks you can take to achieve your commitment to Yourself

Here are 3 simple steps to YOUR Career success GUARANTEE


1. Set Realistic fluid Goals

In a romantic relationship when you decide this person is the one, you usually agree to a set of promises to this person, ie; Not to date anyone else.

Well, now I want YOU to commit to yourself by making some promises to yourself.

Write down the promise you will make to yourself in the following areas

1. Your health

2. Your mental wellness

3. Your studies or career (Both if applicable)

4. Your relationships

5. Your soul – aka Your spirit, Qi, your inner identity. It’s what guides you towards growth.

If you have been following our content you will know how much I emphasis on setting realistic goals. However, if this is your first time, Welcome. Setting realistic goals are key to being successful. Also note you can our grow goals and it’s ok to remove and replace with new ones. We are human beings constantly evolving hence why having fluid goals prevents you from getting stuck on something that no longer fits your purpose. This is very different from quitting. Quitting on a goal is when you still desire the outcome but take no action to achieve it. Example you want a job but stop sending CVS and going to interviews after experiencing rejection from an employer. Quitting In this case does not serve you because you still want a job.

Take some time out to think about what your strengths are,  how you want to live your best life & WHY will help reduce your anxiety levels, it will prevent you feeling lost, confused and aimlessly living a life that does not give you contentment. Decide where you want to be in the next 1,2,3 years and WHY. This will guarantee you living your best life.

Figuring out the above is what’s required to help you make the relationship with yourself work. Yes we are almost halfway through this year it’s still means you have the other half to really make it count and strive towards your goals. Don’t make doing nothing an option .  Commit to you as you deserve to feel joy and experience all the wonders of what your life has to offer

First step commit to Yourself.

2.  Keep track of your progress

Once you have established your commitment to yourself and established why these goals matter to you it is time to take a look at what you have accomplished to date.

And what better time to do it, than now.

You can start by planning for the future by taking a look at what you have accomplished thus far. Because sometimes, you can feel frustrated by feeling you are not making progress which can turn in to demotivation. You can feel you haven’t accomplished much. For some of you, this will be a difficult task as that self-critic inside your head will find a reason to belittle all past glories.

Whether it’s a big achievement or small one, achievements are achievements regardless of the size.  Make a list outlining everything you have made progress with or completed the past 5 months. It might be completing your studies, passing an exam, getting your driving license, getting an internship or job, closing a sales deal, new relationships, and any other achievements worth mentioning.

Look at it and celebrate your achievements!

You still have 6 months to go till the end of the year, and in this 6 months you can accomplish many of the goals you have set your mind to.


3. Take Up a New Skill

This is a great time to focus on improving your yourself. No matter what your study or career plans are, it’s always a good idea to continually build your skills. Just because your formal education might be over doesn’t mean you should stop learning.

Besides checking for online courses offered, you also can check your local area to see what types of workshops are offered that can benefit you. This new skill can be anything which you have an interest or passion in. From learning coding, new language, the blockchain, cooking, let your imagination run wild.

This new skill can be an added value to your resume, and it can make you more valuable to an employer and also help you secure a new position,  promotion payrise or pivot in to a new industry

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

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