Discover the No 1 Powerful Question Millennials Ask? Is distraction costing me my perfect Career?

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Do you get distracted?

Last week we spoke about howto secure your perfect Career! Why self sabotaging is costing your #Studygreatness & #Careergreatness
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Here’s a little test I want you to do
I want you to read this 4 minutes article and focus solely on this.
That means no distraction from any other device or person. Just simply focus in the moment and read this article…. Easy right? Let’s get started
Back in 2015, Microsoft Canada conducted some research on the subject of attention span and it found that 45% of the participants admitted they would get easily sidetracked from what they originally set out to do.

What does that mean for you and me?

Well, remember the last time you sat down to revise for an important test or do an assignment or look online for a new job opportunity or work on a project proposal for work only to find yourself  getting caught up in playing a video game or shopping online or reading the latest headlines about your favourite celebrities minutes later !

Not only did you get distracted but the task you set out to complete is still unfinished.

This, in turn, leaves you feeling # £&*@. Perhaps your anxiety levels went up because you didn’t complete the task and felt more pressure. Did you feel more stressed out because you had less time to complete your task?

Think about it what did you gain by distracting yourself? If no positive value was achieved would it be fair to say this distraction is costing you, your future success?

Killingsworth and Gilbert found that people were happiest when making love, exercising or engaging in conversation.

I get why they found this, because to truly enjoy all the 3 activities it requires us to be in the moment. When you immerse yourself fully, that’s when we get the most value. So when we rob ourselves of this we create displeasing outcomes.


Why is this hurting your career success?

Harvard psychologist Killingsworth and Gilbert conducted a research to explore this subject and found that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

The ability to think about what is not happening is a cognitive achievement that comes at an emotional cost “

During our waking moments, our mind looks for something to focus on. A wandering mind tends to focus on negatives. Once you are on this negative path, it becomes difficult to get off it. Shifting your mind back to positive takes great effort, thus, if we can avoid it in the first place it would make our lives much easier.

Learning to focus in the moment even if it is for a mundane task may be healthier for us.

The last time you sat down doing revision or worked on a task at work and 40 minutes later you found yourself immersed in the latest episode of a Netflix series or gossiping with your BFF about what another friend just posted on social media probably is an indication that it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself  these following 3 questions

A Powerful yet Simple solution to guarantee you the best results in Your career

These 3 questions have helped 100’s of our clients achieve their career goals.

1. Why is this task important to ME? Get clear in your mind.

2. How is this task part of the bigger picture of my career success?

3. What will it cost me if you don’t complete the task?


By asking yourself the above questions it will allow you to find reasons why maintaining your focus and reducing the distraction is important to YOU.

It’s your life and your success should matter to you.

Here’s one hack to overcome distraction and get your success on:

NEW brain hack to get guaranteed results in your career.

Practice Mindfulness –  a workout for your brain

Many celebrities, famous business leaders, athletes practice the art form of mindfulness.
In fact, many religions incorporate mindfulness as part of their religious practices.
Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”
By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgement and by probing your mind to figure out the things that matter to you. This results in you creating the lifestyle you dream of and it will ensure that you achieve the success you desire no matter how challenging it may be.  
There is a ton of resources on the subject which is well worth exploring and a couple of books to keep your eyes open. Here’s one worth a look
10% Happier with Dan Harris & The mindfulness workplace by Michael Chaskalson

Also Have a go at track your happiness on

Did you manage to get to here without any distractions? If yes, give yourself a pat on the back good job. You proved you can focus your mind.

If, however, you struggled, don’t stress it means this is something you can work on and with practice you will improve. Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you accountable and guide you to move forward.

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