6 reasons to ditch that fake SM lifestyle and get real

Social media is often a lie. It’s another version of fake news. Or at least, it’s not the full story. What was intended to be a way to stay connected with friends and family has become a perfect, shiny reflection of people’s best lives. Though sometimes, those lives are fake.

  1. Start taking your life seriously, as long as you are living a fake life on social media, your mind will not distinguish between the real and the fake anymore. To become a responsible adult you need get real about your life and future goals
  2. True friends. In a world where everything is not what it seems, the people that surround you might not be who they seem. Find true friends.
  3. Be the positive and negative you. A study done by Ditch the Label in showed that most social media users were comfortable talking only about positive things, while assuming their negative experiences were unique to them. This creates “huge dissatisfaction” and negatively impacts their mental health, leading to anxiety and depression. In a fake world, where everything is sunshine’s and unicorns negativity is frowned upon. Whereas in real life, good thing happen, and bad things happen, you train yourself to be able to react to both kinds of situations.
  4. Be true to yourself. Some of us might get lost in the glamour of that travel life, and amazing car and boyfriend/girlfriend. Which to all we know could be something that we don’t truly want/ We might want the stable job, or a volunteer gig, or event starting your own business. When you live in a fake life, you live in a life where you lie to yourself. About your goals, your future desires, and who you are and want to be in the future.
  5. Get rid of jealousy. When all you see is your other friends doing great things and going to amazing places. Sitting at home and looking through your social media wishing you were there is not going to help you. Get of your phone, go out, and do something meaningful that will get you closer to your accomplishing your goal
  6. Create a higher standard for yourself. True happiness means so much more than an image other unhappy are looking at. Be truly happy, find ways to make yourself a happier person. True value comes from absolute true happiness.

This may seem inevitable. It’s social media, and everyone lies. But I disagree. Ditch that fake Social Media life and find your true goals and dreams.

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