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Do you remember when you were young and everyone kept asking you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You probably answered something random like ‘ I want to be a superhero”  back when you were a child it was okay to say something silly. 
Now that you are older you are expected to have figured out the answer. Yet many of us find ourselves struggling with this question and are struggling to identify what it is we truly want and what fits our values, hopes and dream. 
Whether you are moving from high school to college and don’t know what your next move is? Which course to enrol on. Or find yourself wanting to switch studies/careers but not sure how to do it or where to get help. Or maybe it’s moving on from a dead end job with no career progression. 
Whatever dilemma you are facing the bottom line is it sucks and it can really get you down. 
At some point we are all struggling to find our place in the world and being stuck in this grey zone of “I don’t know what I want” isn’t exactly the best place to be!  
I watched this VIDEO, by Charlie Parker in one of his TEDx talks – click here to watch. It was about how Charlie listened to his inner voice and chose to pursue his one true calling of being a film producer, even when all odds were against him. 
He also went on to talk about the experiment his sister did with her school students which he then went on to test on adults. Upon receiving the results, he realised that, as an adult we often conform to social conditioning. 
Which made me have an ah-hah moment…. Okay, let me explain why and let’s see if you have a light bulb moment too.


What does Social conditioning mean?

“Social conditioning is the process of training individuals in society to have certain beliefs, behaviours, desires and emotional reactions, which are approved by society in general or by certain groups within it.”

So basically, what it is telling you is, the environment you are raised in has an influence on your decisions on how you choose to live your life. Which got me to realise, how quickly we ditch our dream because sometimes it is not the “social norm or acceptable path ” and we then convince ourselves it is not the best thing to do, so we give it up and pursue a career or study path that is unfulfilling. 
Now did you go “ahhhh, I get it?”. 
Do you find yourself in this boat right now? YES?
Now, that we have established where you are on your journey and acknowledged that you are suffering from a case of “social conditioning” what should you do next?
Let me start with.
Your mind is split into two parts when it comes to making choices. One is the inner voice and the other one is the inner doubt. The inner voice tells you, what you enjoy the most and least, it is the one that holds the key to what motivates you, what you want and what you need. But then there is the other part of your mind, the inner doubt the one that tells you, you can’t do it and this isn’t right. 
Our mission here is to destroy the inner doubt! How do we do that? Well there is one technique you can use to banish this inner doubt and create your path to success whatever that may be.
However, here is a little disclaimer,  you will never get rid of it 100%, as it is, after all, a part of you. But, here’s what successful people who achieve their dreams do. 


Trust & Listen to your inner voice!

Best 3 questions to ask yourself to guarantee career success

Ask yourself what you want from this life (your goals and ambitions)? What you want to do? And what do you want to contribute to the world?  
Go grab a piece of paper or your device and write down. 

1. What am I really passionate about? 
2. What skills do I have that I can use to contribute to the world? 
3. What do I want my “Dream Life” to look like?

Example; You want to work in the food industry so you can share and develop your cooking skills further. Your passion is cooking and you love feeding people and making their stomachs happy. Travel the world and cook in the top restaurants and one day open your own cafe. 
Once you have answered the question stop and ask yourself, “WHY do I what to do it? “
Is it because your parents want you to or all your friends are doing it or you have no money so that’s the only option?  


Is social conditioning limiting you?

If you find yourself making choices based on other people’s expectations – social conditioning, rather than what you are passionate about or taking the time to discover what makes you tick then be ready to have an unfulfilled life. It’s only when you are true to yourself that you feel content and able to transform the way you experience your life from the driver’s seat. 
Once you’ve answered all three question, It is time to take action.  Start doing what you need to do today one step at a time. 
If you find this task too overwhelming, or you lack the motivation to get started talk to someone. Sometimes all you need is a little reassurance or kick up the backside to get you started or you just need some guidance to move forward. 

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