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It’s Thursday!! And it’s time for your weekly Everyday Hero fix!

Everyday Hero’s stories are all about showcasing the best talents that are out there right now. These are young people who are movers and shakers. Creating waves in their industry. Pursuing their passion and not allowing any barriers and obstacles to stop them from achieving their success!!

It’s also sharing stories from our clients who have become their very own career heroes!

I know from time to time you feel blah, uggh or depressed on how much progress you are making. It is not always easy to pursue your passions and we know that because we too have experience setbacks in our studies and careers. 

That is why, we feel sharing inspirational stories may just be a little ray of sunshine in your day to help inspire you, motivate you to keep going even when things don’t look so great.


The powerful sorry that helps you earn more money

Have you ever crap about your job because you experienced conflict at work which ended up creating a toxic work environment?  

Would you like to learn the No. 1 hack that will transform your work environment and help you land your next promotion or payrise?

By watch this video you you will learn how to 

1. Create a fun and exciting environment where you thrive
2. Learn to love your job  & feel good about your work. 
3. Teach yourself  effective communication skills that help you land a promotion or payrise 
4. Show you can handle work conflict in a powerful way.

Here’s how you swap the toxic work environment  by using our simple script  & hack to communicate effectively:

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Here’s why Hermes Belts, Canada Goose, Jordan 13 & Mexican Baskets say you should read it & the benefits you will enjoy:
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Thanks for watching the video, we hope these stories have inspired you, as they have inspired the team at Meet Sabiha. If you are ready to kick-start your #Careergreatness come and speak to a Career Lifestyle Specialist, who can help you create your very own personal action plan to help you achieve #Studygreatness #Careergreatness

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