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Sabiha and her team work internationally & are helping 1000's of young people globally. Where ever you live in the world, our tools and simple tips will help you achieve your dream career.

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Sabiha has been featured in...

Trusted Career Guidance from an International Authority

Helping people in countries across the world.

Find the work you love to do and make something out of it!

Career Development Leader

Sabiha is a member of the Career Development Institue, one of the UK's top professional career institutes.

Focused Management Trainer

As a member of the Institute of Leadership & Mangement Sabiha is experienced in coaching for true potential.

Feeling Stuck? You Are Not Alone.

million youth in the world are unemployed
(World Bank survey 2014)
of young people actually like what they do
(World Bank survey 2014)
of youth talent are ready to change careers
(World Bank survey 2014)

Finding Your Future Just Got Easier

Partner with Sabiha to help you focus on your career goals and get what you want out of your life.

How can Meet Sabiha help you?

Listen from our amazing clients on how Meet Sabiha can help you in your future career.

Who is Meetsabiha?

We are a team of digital nomads spread across the globe creating personalized solutions for young people facing study and career challenges.

"After my session with Sabiha I felt much more prepared to explore the various possibilities that are available to me. I now have the self confidence to dream big."

-Lauren, 24

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